Youceed is one of the India’s most promising and trending startup.Youceed wants to give educational sector a whole new experience of learning and is committed to solve student’s day to day problems.It is a brand new idea of the collective data centre of a certain city that is more or less related to education.From providing your favourite teacher to your favourite meal,youceed does it all. YouCeed holds a vision to give a crystal clear,authentic and unbiased data of all the educational hubs (home tutors,coachings,schools,hostels etc. ) of a city at a place.Data’s authenticity is the hall mark of the youceed. Be the part of this journey and help yourself to learn,explore and make yourself doubtless in any of the fields you are interested in. The name YOUCEED holds a deep meaning,here YOU resembles people and CEED is taken from last 4 characters of the word proceed,therby meaning that we help people to take their first step towards their goal.. FOLLOWING ONE’S DREAM IS NO MORE A DREAM.CHASE YOUR DREAMS,LET US CLEAR ALL YOUR HURDLES.

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